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Welcome to our FAQs  page

Welcome to the Academy of Life Planning's FAQ page. Here, we have compiled answers to the most common questions prospective and current students ask about our programmes and services. Whether you are curious about the challenges members face, the support we offer, or the specifics of our training courses, this page aims to provide clear and comprehensive information. Our goal is to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about joining our community and embarking on your journey to becoming a successful holistic financial planner. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Our latest Frequently Asked Questions as at June 2024.


What challenges do members face during training and when launching their own business?

Our members often encounter challenges such as navigating the regulatory landscape, developing a robust client base, and mastering the art of marketing their services. We provide comprehensive support and resources to help them overcome these obstacles, including practical exercises, mentorship, and networking opportunities with seasoned professionals.


Is the course suitable for those with financial planning/advising experience?

Yes, while our course is designed to be accessible to both novices and experienced professionals, having a background in financial planning or advising can be advantageous. The curriculum builds on existing knowledge while introducing advanced concepts and innovative strategies tailored to our unique approach. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds, not all client-facing.


What support is offered for developing teaching and coaching skills?

We offer extensive support to enhance your teaching and coaching skills. This includes interactive workshops, role-playing scenarios, and feedback sessions. Additionally, you will have access to experienced mentors who can provide personalised guidance and share best practices.


What are the typical time frames for seeing substantial business growth?

The time frame for seeing substantial business growth varies among individuals, but many of our graduates start seeing significant progress within the first six to twelve months. The promise of earning back the course cost in a single transaction for a couple's twelve-month coaching programme is based on real case studies. The number of such transactions you can achieve in the initial months will depend on factors such as your marketing efforts, client acquisition strategies, and networking.


What level of ongoing support is provided after course completion?

We are committed to providing ongoing support after you complete the GAME Plan accreditation course. This includes access to our alumni network, regular updates, advanced CPD Masterclass training sessions, and continuous monthly practice development mentorship. Our aim is to ensure you have the resources and community support needed for sustained success.


How can couples afford the £4k twelve-month programme if they can't afford a financial adviser?

The £4k investment in a twelve-month programme is positioned as a value-driven alternative to traditional financial advisory services. Couples who see the long-term benefits and return on investment in terms of financial stability and growth often find it worthwhile. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans to make the programme more accessible. The value is determined by professionalism and service proposition rather than the intermediation status. Non-intermediaries can also deliver to groups, increasing earnings rate and scalability.


Can I speak to previous alumni who have taken the course?

Yes, we can arrange for you to speak with previous alumni. They can share their experiences, how they have applied the course material, and the success they have achieved in building their financial coaching businesses. Please let us know if you'd like to set up a meeting or receive their testimonials.


How do I generate business after completing the course?

Upon completing the course, we provide extensive support to help you generate business. This includes marketing guidance, access to marketing materials such as brochures, social media templates, and strategies for client acquisition. We also offer ongoing mentorship to ensure you are well-equipped to attract and retain clients.


Is the Tech Stack website ready for sales and can I personalise it?

Our cloned Tech Stack website is fully ready for sales, and we provide customisable templates that allow you to personalise your site to reflect your brand. We can share examples of websites created by our members to give you an idea of what is possible.


What exactly will I be selling, advising, and coaching on?

You will be providing comprehensive financial coaching services, which include personalised financial planning and support to help clients achieve their financial goals. This involves budgeting, debt management, investment planning (not advice), retirement planning, and overall financial wellness coaching.


Can the 12-week course be shortened?

The 12-week course is designed to be flexible, with minimal contact time each week to accommodate your schedule. However, the course content is structured to ensure thorough understanding and application, which might not be as effective if shortened. We believe this duration allows for proper absorption and practical application of the material.


Can I offer discounts or free coaching as I start out?

Yes, you can offer discounts to family and friends as you start your practice. You can also provide free-of-charge (FOC) annual coaching to a couple of individuals to gain experience and build testimonials.


How many direct generic advice clients does Steve currently have?

Steve currently (June 2024) has 236 direct generic advice clients (couples as one client), which allows for a balanced workload and quality support for each client. He utilises a "value ladder" approach to manage this client base effectively.


Can I do this training alongside the Regulated Financial Adviser academy?

While it is possible to undertake both trainings simultaneously, it might be demanding given the full-time nature of the Regulated Financial Adviser academy. Our course offers a unique approach to non-intermediating financial coaching, emphasising independence and ethical advice without the constraints of regulated advice.


Why aren't more people doing this?

The concept of non-intermediating financial planning is still relatively new, and many people are not yet aware of its potential. However, those who do see the value in providing unbiased, personalised financial advice are thriving.


Why is your tech future-proof?

Our tech platform is built with advanced features that are scalable, adaptable, and continuously updated to meet future demands. Big players have more rigid systems and slower innovation cycles, making it challenging for them to pivot quickly. Our platform is designed to stay ahead with regular upgrades and integrations of new technologies. For example, with our end-user financial planning app HapNav It would take a competitor 2 years and significant investment to reach our current level.


What am I not asking that I should be?

Consider asking about the typical timeframe for seeing substantial business growth, the specific challenges students face, and the level of ongoing support after course completion to gain a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.


Why would you want to do all that "full fat financial planning" and then not take on and manage the assets?


a) The Facts

b) Your Character

The Facts

According to the Office for National Statistics Wealth & Assets Survey, regulated investments constitute less than 5% of the financial assets of the average Brit. Furthermore, according to the CFA Institute, Total Assets are defined as Human Capital (present value of future earnings) plus Financial Capital. The average Total/Financial ratio is about 5. Therefore, regulated investments make up less than 1% of Total Wealth.


This raises the question: Why does 100% of a regulated adviser's income come from managing just 1% of the job?


If income can be generated from comprehensive financial planning without the need for regulated work, it allows for a more holistic and unbiased approach to financial planning.

Your Character

With your intelligence, it would be easy to exploit people's life savings for fees. However, whether you choose to do so depends on your character. To explore and understand your character, complete the Schwartz Values Assessment. Select 10 values that resonate with you and input them into this ChatGPT prompt:

"Can you create a Character Statement for [Your Name] based on these values:" [enter your 10 values].

This exercise will help you reflect on your core principles and guide you towards a career path that aligns with your ethical standards and personal values.

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