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As part of AoLP's "Ikigai Proposition Development Framework", we look at Purpose, People, Planet & Profit.

When it comes to measuring Profit, we don't just look at Return On Investment (ROI). We also look at Social Return On Investment (SORI). The profit from our productivity is not simply financial; We have a positive impact socially and on the environment.

But how do we measure Social Value?

Find out at today's "The Proposition Architect" CPD Masterclass, available VOD.

What is Social Value?

It's more than money—it's about the impact of decisions on our lives and the critical importance of people’s perspectives.

Every organisation, and indeed every person, creates experiences, but the goal is to net a positive impact both now and for our future. Measuring these impacts helps in making decisions that truly benefit people.

As part of the international network of Social Value International, Social Value UK champions outcomes over outputs, prioritising lasting societal effects over superficial metrics.

Join us in redefining value. Measure impact. Make a difference.

Find out more about how to measure social value on this website:

Watch this explanatory video here!

#SocialValue #ImpactOverIncome #SustainableFuture


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