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Public·26 Lamplighters

Imagine you're at a crossroads in your career, choosing between a high-paying job that doesn't align with your values or a less lucrative role that offers greater fulfilment and work-life balance.

Reflexivity in this context means considering not only your immediate financial needs but also your long-term happiness, values, and the impact of your work on your well-being. By reflecting on these factors, you're able to make a choice that supports your overall life goals and contributes to your personal and professional growth.

We've just published a new blog post that we're thrilled to share with you: "Embracing Reflexivity: Navigating Life's Crossroads with Informed Choices and Personal Growth"

In a world that's constantly changing, understanding how to reflect on our choices and actions is more crucial than ever. Our latest blog dives deep into the heart of reflexivity - the art of continuous self-reflection and adaptation that guides us through life's myriad paths


  • What reflexivity really means and its impact on personal growth

  • How to apply reflexivity in making life-altering decisions

  • Strategies for cultivating a reflexive approach in daily life to navigate challenges with resilience and adaptability

This read is not just a guide; it's a journey towards a more informed, fulfilled, and meaningful life. Whether you're at a crossroads or looking to enrich your journey, there's something in it for everyone

We invite you to dive in, reflect on your path, and join the conversation. Let's embrace the power of reflexivity together and transform our lives for the better!

Read the blog here:


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