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Transform Your Life & Work with the Power of Values

Ever wondered how aligning your personal values with your professional life could be a game-changer? My latest blog dives into Dr Jackie Le Fèvre's incredible research, shedding light on this transformative approach.

At the core of her study, developed amidst the challenges of COVID-19, is a unique values framework. It's not just any framework; it's a guide through life's complexities, boosting confidence and clarity.

The findings? A whopping 21% boost in life satisfaction and a 37% rise in meaningful activities among those deeply connected to their values. And it doesn't stop there – organisations embracing this connection see profound benefits in initiatives like job crafting and self-managed teams.

Yet, a staggering two-thirds of the UK's workforce haven't tapped into their own values – a vast potential for transformation within our workplaces. Encouraging personal values exploration could ignite motivation, engagement, and success.

Dr Le Fèvre isn't stopping here. Her upcoming research will dive even deeper, exploring skills related to being valuable and establishing causality through advanced modelling. The future of values in enhancing well-being and performance is bright!

Ready to harness the power of values in your life and career? Dive into the full blog and start your journey towards a more meaningful existence:

Read the full blog here:

Let's navigate this journey together, guided by our values.


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