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🌟 Rethinking Retirement: A New, Sustainable Approach 🌟

Hello, Academy family! 🎉 We've just published a compelling piece that questions the prevailing financial strategies and highlights how they predominantly benefit bankers at the expense of the general public. 🏦💰

🔍 Are we truly benefiting from channeling billions into the stock market, or is it just a scheme to enrich a select few? The common tale of facing a 'cliff-edge' at retirement is not just misleading—it's harmful. It's time to uncover the truth and explore the vast opportunities that exist for active, prosperous lives post-retirement. 🌈

👵🏾👴🏽 It's time for a major shift! Instead of policies that fatten banker bonuses, we advocate for strategies that support sustainable livelihoods into old age. Why increase pension contributions to 15% or even 22% when integrating active income strategies might mean 8% is quite adequate? Let's rethink our approach to ensure everyone benefits.

🌐 We're calling for the creation of a Comprehensive Financial Resilience Commission to champion this cause. This body will help integrate active income generation with robust savings plans, creating a resilient financial system that enriches everyone's future. 🌍💪

💡 Join us in pushing for policies that prioritise our collective economic and social well-being over the interests of a privileged few. Dive into the full article [Link to the article], share your thoughts, and let's mobilise together for a financial system that truly cares for every citizen’s future. 📢👥

📌 #RethinkingRetirement #FinancialResilience #SustainableLivelihood #EconomicParticipation #ActiveAging #InclusiveEconomics


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