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🌍💡 Greenwashing: The Dirty Secret of “Sustainable” Investing 🌿🔍

Hey, Academy members! As we all jump on the sustainable investing bandwagon, let’s not get bamboozled by greenwashing. You know, those companies that say they’re saving the planet but are really just putting lipstick on a pig? 🐷💄

Here's the deal: Consumers (and their planners/advisers) need to dig deeper. Don’t just take their word for it. Look for independent validation of sustainability claims – think third-party certifications and assessments by reputable data providers. Ethical Consumer and Funds Eco Market are great places to start. 🌱🕵️‍♀️

But wait, there’s more! Educate yourself on sustainability metrics and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. How exactly are these funds or companies achieving their green objectives? Hint: if they stammer, you probably have your answer. 🤔💼

And don't forget, we've got our CPD Masterclass, The Financial Ecologist, coming up on Tuesday. Register now to learn how to spot the real green deals and meet your requirements. 📅🧠

🔗 [Blog Link]

Let’s invest smartly and not fall for the greenwashing gimmicks. 🌱💰

#SustainableInvesting #Greenwashing #FinancialPlanning #EcoFriendly #InvestmentTips #Sustainability


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