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Public·26 Lamplighters

Think that the Game Plan is not the new financial planning? Take a look at what's going on!!!

Rethinking Retirement: A Generational Perspective by Dr. Eliza Filby

Baby Boomers: Redefining old age and embracing social media like never before. But are they overlooking the need for social care?

Grandpreneurs: The fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the UK? Women in their 60s!

Gen X: Tech-savvy but burned out. Facing dual financial pressures, they're opting for solo entrepreneurship and are more realistic about social care.

Millennials: Delaying traditional milestones and questioning the value of university education. Financial independence? Not until their mid-70s, they say.

Gen Z: Financially savvy yet possibly naive. They're entrepreneurial and believe in multiple income streams.

Family Dynamics: Financial interdependence is the new norm, and social care will likely be home-based.

The Workplace: Companies are urging employees to downsize their careers rather than retire. The future is not just golf courses and grandkids; it's about pursuing passions and building businesses.

The Bottom Line: It's time to rethink retirement and financial planning across generations. Let's focus on creating a life rich in financial security as well as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual abundance.

#RethinkingRetirement #GenerationalShifts #FinancialPlanning #WorkplaceTrends #AcademyOfLifePlanning


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