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Public·26 Lamplighters

Hello Lamplighters,

I want to draw your attention to a recent post by our Academy member, Vikas, which serves as a sobering reminder of the potential consequences when individuals stray from sound investment principles. Vikas shared a heart-wrenching story from Chennai, where a young person tragically lost their life after succumbing to the high-risk allure of the stock market. It's a stark illustration of the dangers of speculative investing.

Vikas' LN post:

Reflecting on this, it's vital to remember the guidance of Christopher Woolard, former CEO of the FCA. He asserted that 'The overwhelming majority of retail investors are best served by readily understood, well-diversified and low-cost investments, which are already available from a range of providers.' This observation is not just a recommendation; it's a crucial principle for safe and responsible investing.

As Academy planners, we are entrusted with guiding our clients towards financially secure futures. This trust mandates us to advocate for investment options that are transparent, low-cost, and well-diversified, readily available on Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) platforms. Such strategies align with the risk tolerance and long-term objectives of most retail investors, steering clear of the speculative and high-risk approaches often glamorised on social media platforms.

Let us differentiate ourselves from the TikTok 'Finfluencers' and their high-risk narratives. Our advice and actions should be rooted in knowledge, integrity, and a profound commitment to our clients' needs. We're not merely planning finances; we're shaping lives with prudence and foresight.

Remember, as members of the Academy of Life Planning, our advocacy for simple, secure investment choices isn't just about financial stability; it's about safeguarding lives and futures.




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