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🤔💡 Thinking About Multi-Generational Financial Planning

As we see more families with multiple retired generations, it's clear that financial planning is becoming a more complex affair. Research shows that families like these are on the rise, and retirement savings need to stretch even further.

However, there's a concern that fear-based narratives from financial firms might encourage retirees to gather more wealth than necessary. For instance, St James's Place discusses the need to support not just oneself but potentially other generations as well. This leads us to an important question:

👉 What do you do when you are justifying to compliance an investment sale made where there is no shortfall in the needs analysis?

This idea from SJP seems to suggest funding shortfalls for the next generation as a potential answer. But this strategy is not without its risks.

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ What are your thoughts? Are these strategies genuinely prioritising clients' best interests, or are they designed to justify additional sales?

Read our blog:

#FinancialPlanning #RetirementPlanning #EthicalInvesting

Drop your views below! Let’s discuss. 🗨️✨


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