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Public·26 Lamplighters

Regarding: Advice Guidance Boundary Review | FCA - out today!

Non-Personalised Advice (Non-Advice Sales):

Regulatory Reference: In the context of UK financial regulations, this is described under PERG 8.24.1.

Who It's For: This type of advice is provided to a person acting as an investor.

What It's About: Non-personalised advice involves general comments about the merits of buying or selling a specific investment, such as a particular stock or bond. It doesn't take into account the individual's specific circumstances, needs, or objectives.

Nature: Since this advice is non-personalised, it's often referred to as "non-advice sales." It does not constitute a personal recommendation, and the advisor does not take on the responsibility of ensuring that the investment is suitable for the individual.

Non-Intermediating Financial Planning (Non-Sales Advice):

Who It's For: This type of advice is not directed towards a person acting in the capacity of an investor.

What It's About: Non-intermediating financial planning involves guidance or advice on broader financial matters, such as budgeting, retirement planning, or estate planning. It does not relate to the buying or selling of a particular investment.

Nature: As it doesn't involve the purchase or sale of specific financial products, this form of advice is often called "non-sales advice." It focuses more on the overall financial wellbeing and goals of the individual, rather than specific investment decisions.

In summary, while non-personalised advice under PERG 8.24.1 pertains to general investment guidance without consideration of individual needs (non-advice sales), non-intermediating financial planning focuses on broader financial goals without the direct sale or recommendation of investment products (non-sales advice). The two are distinctly different in their target audience, content, and purpose.

Mark Scorer


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