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Empowering Change: Moving Beyond Facebook's Censorship - Join Us on Our New Platform!

We have made an important decision regarding our Facebook Group Lamplighters. In light of recent events, we have chosen to close the group on Facebook and transition to a privately hosted platform on our website.

This decision was prompted by an incident where our group shared an article discussing the growing trend of decentralisation aimed at minimising the control exerted by large institutions over our data and the censorship of our content.

Regrettably, Facebook chose to censor our article, claiming a violation of their community guidelines. We believe in promoting open dialogue and empowering the public, and it is disheartening when platforms restrict our ability to express ourselves freely. We have provided the censored article for your review, and we invite you to assess it for yourself, judging whether it aligns with the values of authenticity, security, privacy, and dignity.

It was about financial institutions, not social media platforms. But if the shoe fits wear it!

Embracing Ownership: The Power of Generic Financial Planning Advice – Academy of Life Planning

Our move to a privately hosted platform represents our commitment to disempowering large institutions that dictate what content we can share and control our online experiences. We strive to create an environment where individuals have the freedom to express their thoughts and ideas without unnecessary restrictions.

We sincerely appreciate your support in our endeavour to foster a more inclusive and empowering digital space. Together, we can challenge the status quo and ensure our voices are heard. Join us on our website platform and let's take back control over our content and online presence.

Mark Scorer
John Kenny-Levick
John Kenny-Levick
John Kenny-Levick
Jun 26, 2023

Decentralisation is the opposite to what has been a trend for decades Steve.

Money and the controllers of it, is a tool, weaponised by them. The WEF, EU, IMF, WHO, UN are all run by the same people re mindset and motivation.

Anyone who thinks the WEF agendas are for the Well Being of us are deluded.

Search You Tube and just listen to the beliefs of Larry Fink of Black Rock.

What could be Soooooo threatening about your article and the 'truth' of the existence of the reality of decentralisation models literally being manifested? Why is the truth of it a problem to FB?

It is a rhetorical question for me.

Once this type of interference become common place (and it will) then we might see more people waking up to what is really going on with our so called governments and politicians and the connections between most of the heads of states and the single agenda.



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