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Public·26 Lamplighters

Question: Execution

Hi Steve,

Someone that has arisen since that I forgot to ask is this:

I am this weekend going to put together the PPT for the E of Execution webinar slides for an Employer.

It is the ONLY part of the whole journey so far I have found myself stuck for ideas about what to include within the webinar.

Can we discuss this as you are THE expert and so help me keep it simple, relevant and inspiring for the members.

They have already signed up for year 2 which is encouraging.

If as I suspect it is an Ai GPT exercise then please let's do this together so I can learn too.

Thank you.



Ah, the Stand & Deliver Game Giver! It's a business planning tool and personal coaching program offered by the Academy of Life Planning. It's designed to help you overcome the fear of change, declutter your life, and deliver wealth into every area of your life. The program consists of seven essential parts: Detox, Execute, Leverage, Iterate, Visualize, Empower, and Repeat. Each part is carefully crafted to guide you through the process of creating a purpose statement, action plan, financial plan, and possibly a business plan for your side or main hustle. The Stand & Deliver Game Giver includes two hours of live sessions and ongoing support to help you implement the changes effectively. It's a powerful tool to help you reinvent yourself and create income for life.

DELIVER stands for Detox, Execute, Leverage/ Learn, Iterate/ Improve, Visualize/ Validate, Empower/ Expand, and Repeat. Each of these steps is an important part of the Stand & Deliver Game Giver program offered by the Academy of Life Planning. Detox helps you remove anything that no longer serves you, Execute is about taking action, Leverage is about scaling operations, Iterate focuses on continuously improving, Visualize helps you envision your goals, Empower is about building confidence and taking control, and Repeat emphasizes the cyclical nature of the process. These steps work together to help you create lasting change and achieve your desired outcomes.

See Execute Tab on Google Sheet:

For Detox I use the Four Capitals Detox.

The GAME Plan: Four Capitals Detox – Academy of Life Planning

A useful part of this phase lately is AI's the Decision Journal.

Load up your Game Plan into Chat GPT-4 and ask for a Decision Journal.

See video:

Hope that helps, and good luck.

Kind regards,



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