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Public·26 Lamplighters

Could non-reg financial planning have a place in your tool kit?

Other advisers seem to think so:

"Many independent chartered and certified financial planning firms, mine included, have been doing this for years. It’s a well-trodden path that achieves much better outcomes for clients and reduces conflict of interest." - Robin Medley.

"I think it’s perfectly feasible and one clear way is to have non FCA registered individuals performing the non regulated roles - ex chartered accountants with a private client background and private clients solicitors would be obvious examples of those who could shine at it. Those roles could also be a feasible way to a second career - particularly feasible as they could still generate fees and earn as they do it." - Dave Robinson.

"Yes absolutely, the planning (non regulated bit) is in my view, the most important element." - Nick Winter


You're not alone. The journey to maintain independence amidst increasing regulatory pressures and high operational costs is fraught with challenges.

Pain Points:

High Regulatory Costs: The financial burden of compliance is pushing many independent firms to their limits.

Lack of Support: There’s a significant gap in funding and support from the truely independent financial profession, making succession planning tough.

Risky Funding Options: Traditional financing routes often come with prohibitive costs, leaving few viable options for firm succession.


Innovative Revenue Streams: A side hustle in financial planning can diversify revenue and reduce reliance on external funding.

Empowerment through Ownership: Offering staff the chance to be part of a financial planning venture can ensure firm continuity and foster talent.

Strategic Autonomy: Maintain your firm's integrity and independence by strengthening its financial and operational foundation.

Explore how a strategic side hustle could be the key to sustaining your firm's independence and success: Read More below.

Blog Link:

Let's discuss how we can apply these strategies to keep our firms resilient and independent. What are your thoughts?


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