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Discover our vibrant online community within our website, where members can connect, exchange ideas, join discussions, and collaborate on projects. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment that fosters community and engagement among our website visitors.

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  1. Diverse groups: Join various groups tailored for distinct purposes, such as support, discussion, or collaboration on specific topics or projects.

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  3. Engage in meaningful discussions: Participate in threaded conversations, comment on shared content, and respond to fellow members' comments.

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Public·26 Lamplighters

Hello Lamplighters,

I hope this message finds you well. As members of the Academy of Life Planning, you're already on a transformative journey towards creating a fulfilling and successful life for yourselves and your clients. Today, I'd like to share some actionable advice on how you can further grow your business and make an even greater impact.


  1. Consulting Services: Leverage your expertise in non-intermediating financial planning to offer specialised consulting. This could range from workshops to one-on-one sessions.

  2. Newsletter Sponsorships: If you haven't already, consider launching a newsletter. It's an excellent platform for sharing valuable insights and can serve as an additional revenue stream.

  3. Online Courses: Use your unique skill set to create courses that can help people in various aspects of life planning. It's a win-win; you provide value and earn revenue.

  4. Affiliate Marketing: If there are tools or resources that align with your mission, consider incorporating affiliate links within your content.

  5. Subscription Services: Consider offering a subscription model with different tiers, providing exclusive benefits like webinars or personalised Q&A sessions.


  1. Targeted Marketing: Use email campaigns to promote your courses, workshops, or any premium content you've created.

  2. Subscriber-Only Spaces: Create a more intimate setting for your community through subscriber-only events. This deepens relationships and offers a platform for more personalised advice.


  1. Niche Specialisation: You've already chosen a unique path in non-intermediating financial planning. Keep honing your skills in this niche.

  2. Skill Stacking: Combine your skills in financial planning, technology, and client engagement to make yourself unique in the market.

  3. Consistent Value: The key to long-term success is to consistently provide value to your clients. This will build your authority and make it easier to introduce new offerings.

  4. Community Engagement: Keep the lines of communication open with your community. Listen to their needs and adapt your services accordingly.

  5. Long-Term Vision: Always align your business decisions with your long-term vision. Profitability is essential, but it's the impact and legacy that truly matter.

In summary, the path to a successful business in our field is not just about taking; it's about giving immense value first. The more value you provide, the more you'll find your clients and community eager to give back to you.

Let's continue to support each other in our journey to democratise financial planning and make a lasting impact.

Best wishes,

Steve Conley



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