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🚀 Exciting News, Academy Family! 🚀

We've just published a thought-provoking new article that delves deep into the heart of the financial planning industry's ethical quandary: the overwhelming dominance of assets under management (AUM) dependent fees. đŸ€”đŸ’Œ

In a world where 98.7% of advisers operate on a model that could potentially misalign with client interests, we stand at a crossroads. Our latest piece explores the moral implications of this model and champions a shift towards more transparent, fixed-fee structures that truly serve the client's best interests. 🌈🌟

As visionaries in the field, we believe in the power of financial planning to be a force for good, promoting not just financial well-being but social, environmental, and spiritual harmony. This article is a call to action for all of us to reflect on our practices and how they impact the lives we touch. đŸŒâ€ïž

Join us in this critical conversation and let us know your thoughts. How can we, as a community, lead the change towards a more ethical, transparent, and inclusive financial planning future? đŸ’ŹđŸ‘„

Your insights, experiences, and stories are invaluable as we navigate this transformative journey together. Let's make a difference, one ethical decision at a time. ✹🙌

Read the full article here:

#AcademyOfLifePlanning #EthicalFinancialPlanning #ChangeMakers #TogetherForChange


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