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The Weekly Waffle

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🤨 Welcome to Another Week of Financial Follies - From The Friday Lunch Bunch! - 17th November 2023 (Edition 1)

Hello, Dear Lamplighter,

This week in finance, we've navigated the murky waters of money matters with the grace of a swan. A swan that's a bit lost, perhaps, but still quite dignified. Alright, let's unpack the treasure trove of topics we bravely tackled in today's Town Hall, shall we? It's been quite the ride, after all.

🎩 Topical Titbits

Ah, the Town Hall agenda, a veritable smorgasbord of the life planning world’s latest and greatest – or perhaps, its more bewildering and bamboozling aspects. Let’s take a stroll through this week’s lineup:

“Period of Change and Challenges” by Tom Evans: Ah, the classic ‘everything’s changing, but here’s why it’s an opportunity’ spiel. Financial planning's as stable as a three-legged chair these days, it seems.

Financial Activation Scorecard: Sounds like a game show element, doesn't it? "Spin the wheel, see where your finances land – oh, look, it's bankruptcy!"

Free Advice and Trust Issues: Well, if something's free, it's probably worth exactly what you paid for it, right? Especially when it comes to advice that could make or break your bank. 1 in 5 wouldn't have financial advice for free!

Visual Planner Guide on ChatGPT4: Because why talk to real people when a bot can do half the job? Might as well get it to make tea for you, too.

Financial Coaches – Dangerous or Not?: Next week, we’ll debate whether garden gnomes contribute to suburban angst.

Agent Wealth and Pension Scams: Just when you thought your retirement was safe, along comes a scammer with a smile and a Ponzi scheme. Also check out Wealth Tech, regulated does equal protected.

Story from Chennai and Finfluencers: Ah, the modern tale of tragedy: borrowing to invest on the advice of someone who thinks 'stock market' is a fancy term for grocery shopping.

Steve Bot: Why bother with years of training and experience when an AI can mimic it all after a quick update? Might as well call it iPlanner.

Gen Z's Pension Pessimism: Well, they're probably right. By the time they retire, pensions will be as archaic as dial-up internet.

The Planning Gap: Focusing on pension pots while ignoring sustainable livelihoods – it’s like saving for a rainy day while living in a flood.

Kokoro Personal SWOT for Pensioners: Because nothing says retirement like a good old SWOT analysis. Next up: strategic planning for bingo nights. Chat GPT4 prompt after completing Values & Talents exercise.

Prompt: "Can you help me with a life plan I am working on. [insert names] are retired in their late 70s, age. I want to give them meaning and purpose in life, eudaimonic wellbeing, feeling useful. Though they are retired, I would like to create a personal SWOT analysis for how they can find their Kokoro, based on these meeting notes, are you able to create a SWOT for life for the couple? Please provide a description of Kokoro for this couple."

Rise of Fixed Fee Planning in the U.S.: At last, something that makes sense. Oh wait, it’s in America. Nevermind.

Outflows and D2C Platform Surprises: And the award for the most yawn-inducing topic goes to...

Launch of the Fraud APPG: Volunteering to lobby against scams? Sounds almost as fun as watching paint dry.

The next AI Power Hour: Because what’s life planning without a little artificial intelligence? For your diary - Tuesday, 28th November at 4.00 pm. Register here.

Decisional Journal GPT Agent: For when you need a computer to tell you that, yes, buying that sports car at 60 is indeed a midlife crisis.

AoLP Membership and Mentorship: Now in convenient monthly payments. Because who doesn’t love more direct debits?

The Latest Cloned Website – Goalset Financial: In the great tradition of fake Gucci bags and imitation Rolex watches, but without those intellectual property right infringements. Who wants the next business in a box?

Step Into the Metaverse: Because reality just isn’t cutting it anymore. Let's plan our virtual retirements.

The AI Office: One planner, a dozen apps. What could possibly go wrong? Check out Because if you’re going to run a large business, you might as well let an app do it. How hard could it be?

There you have it, a week in the life of the Academy, where the only thing predictable is the unpredictability. Stay tuned for next week’s agenda, where we might just introduce fortune-telling as the new planning tool.

📅 Upcoming Escapades Our next Town Hall – like a delightful afternoon tea, but with less cake and more financial jargon.

Steve Conley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Town Hall Q4 2023 - Friday Lunch Bunch Time: Nov 24, 2023 12:00 PM London Every week on Fri, 5 occurrence(s) Nov 24, 2023 12:00 PM Dec 1, 2023 12:00 PM Dec 8, 2023 12:00 PM Dec 15, 2023 12:00 PM Dec 22, 2023 12:00 PM Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system. Weekly: CALENDAR LINK. Join Zoom Meeting: MEETING LINK. Meeting ID: 875 9917 5295 Passcode: 410915

💬 Your Rants and Raves Thoughts? Anecdotes? Existential dread? Share away. We might even read them.

🍵 Parting Shot So, there you have it. Another week in the wonderfully warped world of finance. Until next time, keep waffling on.

📰 The Weekly Waffle: Signing off with a smirk and a tip of the hat.

Warm regards,

Steve Conley

Founder, Academy of Life Planning


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