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The Weekly Waffle

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🧇 The Weekly Waffle - Hot Scoops from the Academy's Town Hall - The Friday Lunch Bunch, 19th April 2024 📅

Hello there, Steve🌟

Grab a seat for this week’s dish of delectables served up by the notorious Friday Lunch Bunch at the ever-so-grand Academy of Life Planning’s Town Hall. On the docket today: 🍴


Enough is Enough:


Ready to have your feathers ruffled? Here’s an exposé on the 'silent epidemic' sweeping through our financial corridors with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The "Enough is Enough March for Justice" isn't just a catchy slogan—it’s a desperate cry for the overhaul we all know is as overdue as last year's taxes. It’s high time for some real action to scrub clean the muck that’s been piling up in the financial system. So, buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride towards actual change! 🎢👀


Oh, the irony! Just a sliver of scam artists—1%, to be precise—ever see the inside of a courtroom, yet victims get the full-court press from tax authorities, complete with soul-crushing interest rates. Picture this: everyday folks, playing by the rules, duped into schemes once given the nod of approval by none other than HMRC, only to be later thrown under the bus when those schemes fell out of favour. Now, these poor souls are treated more like mastermind criminals than misled taxpayers. Isn't justice delightful? 🎭💸


Ah, Margaret Snowdon’s latest adventure—her noble crusade to tweak tax laws for scam victims, unceremoniously yanked from the web. Poof! Gone! Just when you thought the digital age was our shining beacon of democracy, it turns out it’s more like a game of whack-a-mole, but with advocacy. And why, you ask? All in the hallowed name of "procedural safeguards." Because nothing says “protecting the people” like silencing their pleas for justice. How very convenient. 🕵️‍♂️💔


In today’s episode of ‘Rich Problems,’ ex-Manchester United defender Chris Smalling is taking his financial woes public. He’s suing his former financial adviser for a jaw-dropping £750k in fees that apparently no one bothered to explain to him. Represented by the high-flying Klipp Wealth Management of St James’s Place, Smalling claims there was a bit of a mix-up—okay, a monumental miscommunication—over what exactly he was shelling out for his investments. Because, you know, understanding the fine print is just too pedestrian for the big leagues. 🤷‍♂️💸


In the latest instalment of "Financial Foibles," we turn the spotlight to the high-stakes world of St James’s Place, where advisers are up to their necks in about £920 million of business loans. These aren't your garden-variety loans, oh no. These are cleverly designed to be secured against future incomes, because why not gamble on what you might make tomorrow?

Intended to help advisers buy client books, these loans have the adorable side effect of creating a suffocating, high-pressure environment. It's like being handcuffed to your desk with golden handcuffs, except the key is tossed into the deep end of your future earnings. This setup not only binds advisers financially but also puts a lovely little limit on their career mobility. So, here’s to hoping they don't fancy a career switch any time soon unless they enjoy financial quicksand! 🏦💸🔗


Regulatory Views:


Think slipping under the FCA's radar makes you a financial planning outlaw? Think again! Our latest article is here to school you on the surprisingly sturdy shackles of regulation that still clamp down on the non-authorised mavericks. It’s an absolute must-read for anyone daring to navigate the wilds of the financial planning industry without that shiny badge of FCA approval. Brush up, button up, and make sure you're playing it by the book—the really, really comprehensive book. This isn't just about keeping your nose clean; it's about polishing it to a high gleam of professionalism and integrity. 📖✨


Thrilled to bits to unveil the "Generic Financial Planning Adviser Rule Book" to all you Lamplighters out there! Think of it as your financial planning bible for the uninitiated—perfect for anyone brave enough to tread the murky waters of financial advice sans FCA authorisation. This handy guide doesn’t just spell out the regulatory hoops you'll need to jump through; it flaunts our undying commitment to transparency and professionalism. So, dive in and decode the complexities like a pro, because who doesn’t love a good rule book? 📚✨


AI Consumer Duties:


Introducing the latest trend sweeping through the financial sector: the new Consumer Duties, where suddenly, client benefits are as important as the CEO’s annual bonus. Shocking, right? While firms are salivating at the thought of using AI to slash costs and streamline operations, here comes a wild concept: consumers actually want personalised interactions and not just digital small talk. Yes, in a dramatic twist of fate, it turns out that people expect services that cater specifically to their financial needs and not just cookie-cutter advice dispensed by a chatbot. So, as we grapple with this groundbreaking idea that customer satisfaction might just matter as much as profit margins, let's strap in and watch firms navigate these treacherous waters of actually having to care. 🤖💰👥


The AI Catalogue:


🎨 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: How to Customize and Modify AI Art Generated by Midjourney



🚀 The Rundown: In today’s tutorial, we'll unveil the magical art of turning convoluted ideas into slick, visual mind maps, all thanks to the generosity of ChatGPT’s free services. Because why pay for clarity when you can get it for nothing?


🌟 At PitchBob, we're not just playing the game, we’re changing it. Our mission? To arm at least 10% of you trailblazers out there with the ability to express your business ideas with the crispness they deserve.


📈 It’s time to "Ai-ify" your coaching business... The world’s evolved and clinging to pre-AI strategies is like refusing to upgrade your flip phone. Old school coaching and consulting offers are, frankly, on the express train to obsolescence. Welcome to the era of “ai-ifyed” brilliance.


🔍 Calling all Financial Planners! Ready to amp up your planning game with some AI wizardry? We’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove - ChatGPT Prompts at Aiforwork, tailor-made for our ilk. Hats off to Steve Clark for this gem!


📚 Thanks to Mark Scorer for sharing this killer app for course creators. Shoutout to for bringing the heat and keeping us all a tad more enlightened!


The Support Gap:


🚀 Bridging the Support Gap in Financial Services for Less Than £5 per Week. In today's complex financial landscape, 95% of the UK population goes without traditional financial advice each year. The prevailing belief attributes this to a lack of wealth and high adviser thresholds—a phenomenon known as "the advice gap." I argue that this is not merely an advice gap; it's a support gap.


🌟 Hot off the presses, it’s our latest newsletter: "Bridging the Real Retirement Gap: A Blueprint for Sustainable Livelihoods." As we stumble through the retirement maze that today's geniuses have crafted for us, this gem offers some "actionable insights" and "innovative strategies" to not just survive but maybe even flourish before you hit those golden years. Because nothing says ‘modern problem-solving’ like needing a blueprint to figure out how to retire without going broke. 💸🚀


Millennial Entrepreneurism

Hey Millennials, hold onto your avocado toast because we’ve got something that might actually be worth your gig economy wages! Introducing the "Game Plan" – the latest financial planning gimmick that promises to align your personal dreams, financial nightmares, and those business aspirations you tweet about into one nifty, streamlined strategy. Whether you’re flipping gigs, freelancing your way through rent, or trudging along those charmingly “traditional” career paths, this plan is miraculously tailored just for YOU. It comes packed with all the innovative digital tools you’ll need to micromanage your finances with the kind of precision that would make a Swiss watch jealous. Get ready to live your best life, one well-planned financial spreadsheet at a time! 🌟💸📈


Managing Intangibles:


Hold the phone and pause that retirement countdown—because we’re here to flip the script on everything you thought you knew about retirement planning. Forget about obsessing over your pension pot size like it’s some kind of retirement trophy. We’re diving deep into the sexy world of Productive, Vitality, and Transformational Assets.


Retirement is no longer just a financial finish line; it’s about constructing a dazzling life chock-full of opportunities that make your bank account weep with joy. We’re here to show you how to give your golden years a makeover, turning them from a mere countdown to oblivion into a bonafide festival of fulfilment and prosperity. Let’s rethink our approach and ensure retirement is not just endured, but enjoyed. 🎉📈💃


Financial Alert: Half a Million Pension Pots Raided to Feed the Mortgage Monster

In the latest episode of "Survival of the Fittest Wallet," nearly half a million Brits have taken the plunge and drained their pension pots during the 2022-23 tax year. Yes, in a record-breaking display of financial desperation, these pensioners-to-be have decided that funding their present homes is worth gambling away their future comfort. As the cost of living shoots through the roof, so does the creativity in managing day-to-day survival. Who needs retirement savings when you’ve got mortgage bills nipping at your heels? 🏠💸🚨

Financial Darwinism in Action: Over a Third Go Lone Wolf with Pension Drawdowns

Hot off the presses from the FCA: a whopping 43,366 souls have decided to brave the financial wilderness alone, pulling from their pension pots without so much as a whisper of professional advice from October 2022 to March 2023. That’s right, over a third of pensioners are channelling their inner maverick, navigating the perilous seas of drawdown decisions solo. Because who needs a financial adviser when you can gamble with your life savings on a whim? Here’s to hoping their financial intuition is as sharp as their sense of adventure! 🐺💼📉


Avoid Grey Divorce:

At The Financial Life Coach, we’re just bursting with excitement to drop our newest read, 'Navigating New Beginnings: Financial Guidance for "Grey Divorce"'. 🎉 Get ready to see how life planning can magically transform what’s essentially a mid-life crisis into an exhilarating treasure hunt for self-discovery and mutual growth. Because, obviously, splitting your assets isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about embroidering a new tapestry of life that’s rich with love, support, and those deep, soulful connections we all yearn for after splitting the silverware. Brace yourselves for a journey where it’s not just your finances that get a makeover, but your whole life! 💔➡️❤️


75, the New 65:


Ah, the sweet, shifting sands of retirement age. Gone are the days when you could hang up your hat at 65 and spend your golden years in leisure. Is 75 the new 65? That's the million-dollar question we're slicing and dicing in our latest blog. Join us as we plunge into the depths of this thrilling debate—because who doesn't want to spend a few extra years chained to their desks, right? Let’s unpack whether you’ll be punching the clock a decade longer. Retirement can wait, folks! 🎉👵👴

How Many Healthy Years Do You Have Left? Unpack this delightful mystery with our latest tool! Isn’t it just a thrill to discover that while our lifespans are stretching, the quality of that extended stay might not be up to snuff? Thanks to a cheery new study from Imperial College London and the World Health Organization, we now get to explore the charming discrepancies in 'healthy years' scattered across the UK. Dive in and find out just how many good years you’ve got left before the warranty runs out. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! 🎢👵👴

In a piece that might just make you forget about the existential dread for a moment, Louise Carpenter gives us the lowdown on Simon Boas’ rather inconvenient cancer diagnosis at the spry age of 46. Terminal, they say, but Simon isn’t about to spend his twilight years moping around. Oh no. His tale isn’t one for the tragedy lovers; it’s an all-out festival celebrating the ragtag montage of life moments and a cast of characters he calls family and friends. Buckle in for a story that's less about the dying and more about the living, because Simon’s rolling credits are nothing short of a standing ovation. 🎬❤️



Partner Parade:


Step right up to the Partner Parade Meeting and witness the marvel that is the Goal Mapper App—because, apparently, revolutionising financial services now comes with a user manual and a software update. Join us and transform your client satisfaction levels from “meh” to “slightly above average” without even breaking a sweat! 🎩✨


Mark your calendars! Date: April 23, 2024 Time: 4:00 PM London

Don’t miss out—it’s going to be, well, adequate.


Kick Start with Tony:


Tony Fields has finally thrown his hat into the ring of live events with a bang. Welcome to the "Katalyst Kick Start: Re-Set, Re-Focus, Re-Energise" extravaganza. In just 30 minutes a day for 5 days—because that's all the time we can spare from our oh-so-busy lives—Tony promises to deliver "real clarity." You know, the kind that supposedly fuels busy professionals like yourself to start chasing those dreams that you've shelved between your tax returns and forgotten gym memberships. Starts 29th April. Mark it, maybe? 🚀📅


Discovering Why:


Discovering your "why" is all the rage these days, isn't it? It’s that elusive, magical reason that supposedly catapults you out of bed each morning and fuels every move you make. According to guru Simon Sinek, the patron saint of finding purpose, knowing your why is the golden ticket to a life brimming with fulfilment, joy, and triumph. Because, of course, every enlightened soul knows that real success is just a well-articulated mission statement away, right? Roll out of bed, slap on a smile, and get ready to conquer the world—all you need is a snappy slogan for your life! 🌟🚀



The Prophecy:


Dive into our latest masterpiece, where we harness the oh-so-mystical Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. Yes, folks, we're going all out with ancient wisdom to preach about unity and the elusive promise of a higher consciousness. Because nothing says “modern spiritual enlightenment” like leaning on centuries-old symbols to solve today’s existential crises. 🦅🕊️ Get ready to have your minds mildly blown!


The Four Pillars:


Ah, the exploration of the four pillars of financial support—State, Employer/Institutions, Family, and Self—reveals a riveting saga of empirical evidence on their stability and adequacy in contemporary times. Let's dissect the situation with a touch of sardonic humor, shall we?


State Support: A Historical Rollercoaster Historically, the State was like the burly leg of a chair, dependable and robust, propping up everyone with pensions, unemployment benefits, and social welfare. Fast forward to today, and it seems this leg has been nibbled by the termites of austerity and privatisation. Research, like that featured in the study on Old Age Support in Urban China, illustrates a clear decline in state-supported comforts, highlighting the significant role of pension schemes and the stark disparities in their distribution and adequacy.


Employer/Institutions: The Eroding Pillar Employer support has morphed from a comprehensive career package to a minimalist gig economy survival kit. Once a bastion of career-long security with plush benefits, now reduced to a “freedom package” of precarious, benefit-skimmed gigs. The evolution from structured employment to a gig-based economy signifies a marked shift from stable institutional support to an every-man-for-himself doctrine.


Family: The Strained Safety Net Family, traditionally a solid fallback, is bending under the weight of modern economic and social strains. The concept of relying on inheritances or family support is dwindling, as indicated by various studies noting increased longevity and healthcare costs. Families are increasingly financial units of necessity rather than security, often redistributing resources among themselves more than ever before.


Self: The Last Pillar Standing And so, we land on Self. As the other supports wobble, the self-reliant pillar becomes more critical. This isn’t just about saving pennies; it’s about becoming a financial acrobat, juggling investments, budgeting, and the mythical concept of retirement planning. It’s about equipping oneself with the tools of financial literacy to navigate and possibly thrive in a landscape where other supports are receding.


Why This Shift Matters Why bother about this shift? Because as the traditional supports of State, Employer, and Family erode, the onus of “personal responsibility” grows not just as a philosophical shift, but as an essential strategy for survival. This transition underscores the need for financial acumen that goes beyond mere budget management to understanding complex financial landscapes.


In essence, the empirical data points to a clear message: as reliance on State, Employer, and Family wanes, taking charge of one’s financial wellbeing isn’t just prudent—it’s crucial. In the end, in the financial game of musical chairs, you don't want to be the one left standing when the music stops.


Would you like to delve deeper into any of these studies or explore more detailed resources on each of the pillars?


🍷🚪 That's all, folks! Cheers to today’s Town Hall attendees - another saga in the Academy's Friday Lunch Bunch epic. 🎬


You're free to go, but not without some homework (typical, right?) - follow the breadcrumb trail of hyperlinks we've left. 📎


That’s this week’s gossip session wrapped. Fancy a trip down memory lane? Peek at past pranks or snag a spot at our next natter session (April 26th, 2024, 12:00 PM London) for top-tier banter and laughs. 🎟️🕛


Curtain call on today's chatter! Until next time, keep those waffles flying. 🧇



Steve Conley

The Big Cheese, Academy of Life Planning




P.S. Well, buckle up, financial adventurers, and click on over to a riveting blog update from the Academy of Life Planning (AoLP), your self-proclaimed partner in the mystical art of transformational financial life planning. 🌟📚 Here, in this treasure trove of wisdom, they're not just doling out financial advice; they're transforming lives with the subtlety of a life coach armed with a spreadsheet. It's not just about money; it's about finding your inner financial peace in a world where peace usually comes with a price tag. So, dive deep into their latest post and find out how you too can turn your financial dreams into reality—or at least into a well-organized plan. Happy navigating! 🚀💼 Link to the enlightenment: Academy of Life Planning: Your Partner in Transformational Financial Life Planning


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