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The Weekly Waffle

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🧇 The Weekly Waffle – Academy Town Hall Exposé 📅

Hey there, Steve🌟

Grab a seat and lean in for the juicy bits from our ever-so-grand Friday Lunch Bunch. What’s cooking this week at the Academy of Life Planning's Town Hall? 🍽️

Expect a dish served piping hot with a side of saucy revelations and zesty quips. Where else can you mix business with a hefty dose of gossip, all while munching on waffles? 🎯

Kick back, indulge, and get your fill of news that’s as tantalizing as a fresh-off-the-iron waffle. Bon appétit—or should we say, gossip away! 😏🍽️


🤔 Mulling Over Multi-Generational Money MattersAs if family reunions weren’t tense enough, now we’ve got multiple generations retiring left and right. It seems financial planning just got its difficulty level upgraded. Reports are in: families stacking retirees are becoming the norm, stretching retirement savings thinner than your grandpa’s hair. 📈💸


🧐 The Real Regrets of the Retired: Spoiler, It’s Not Just MoneyThink your product provider is giving you the whole story? Think again. A cheeky little survey from Canada Life reveals a plot twist in the retirement saga. Sure, a few retirees (15% to be exact) are kicking themselves for not padding their pensions, and 12% are mourning their spendthrift ways. But hold on—only 8% are actually bummed they jumped off the work wagon too early. And guess what? Most old-timers aren’t even losing sleep over cash! 🤷‍♂️💸


🔍 Peeking Behind the Financial Curtain with Me

Join me, the head honcho at the Academy of Life Planning, as I unpack the murky waters of the financial services industry on Youtube. Gone are the days of trusty handshakes—now it's all about the bottom line. My chat is all about pulling back the veil on these profit-hungry practices to spotlight how genuine transparency could actually work in everyone’s favour.


👉 Juicy Bits from the Talk:

  • Watching consumer trust evaporate in the financial advising world.

  • Harnessing “potentialisation” for the double whammy of personal and financial bliss.

  • The dire thirst for ethical manoeuvres and actual transparency in finance.

This gabfest is a must-watch for finance pros, advice-seeking consumers, or any soul curious about the ethical future of money management. 🎥 Dive into the full convo and toss in your two cents on shifting towards a more morally sound financial era. Let’s stir the pot together! Watch the video right here.


🌟 Welcome to Your Century-Long Money Marathon!Ah, the brave new world of financial planning, where your toddler might just outlive your retirement fund. Thanks to some cheerful stats from the London Business School, there’s a coin toss chance today’s drooling babes will hit the big 1-0-0. This little bombshell is rewriting the financial rulebook, hinting we might need to keep our earning caps on well past the expected sell-by date. Introducing the book, "Lifetime Financial Advice: A Personalized Optimal Multilevel Approach." It's here to shake up your financial strategy—though it might need a few tweaks to really get a grip on our newfound longevity. 📚💡


🎩 Navigating the Two-Hat Tango in Financial PlanningEver feel like a financial planning juggler, tossing around regulated and unregulated hats while trying not to drop one on your integrity? Well, our latest blog post is here to guide you through the minefield of conflicts of interest that comes with such a dexterous act. We're spilling the secrets on setting up clear policies, building impenetrable Chinese walls, and the art of disclosing when you're wearing which hat. 🚧 Dive into the wisdom of the FCA's guidelines and discover the practical moves you can make to keep your professional juggling act clean and your conscience clearer. Check it out—because in the financial world, knowing which hat to wear (and when) can save you a lot of headaches. 🎭


🤖 vs. ❤️ AI vs. Human Financial Coaching: May the Best Guide Win!

Hey everyone, hope this post catches you rolling in good vibes and success. Today, we're diving into the riveting smackdown between AI and human financial coaches. Who will reign supreme? Spoiler: it’s not a cage match, but it’s definitely heating up. In this enlightening brawl—I mean, article—we break down the perks of each contender. AI brings its emotionless precision to the ring, while human coaches throw in a good ol’ heart-to-heart connection. We're using an Indigenous American tale of two wolves (one nasty, one nice) to illustrate our point. The wolf you feed is the champ, folks. 🐺

Whether AI fascinates you or you swear by the human touch, this piece is packed with juicy details to satisfy all. It’s a balancing act of tech savvy and tender care in the coaching world. Grab your popcorn and find out how to keep both wolves in fighting shape.


🚀 Breaking News: "Planning My Life" Escapes the Financial Planning Stone Age!

Big news, folks! At "Planning My Life", we've decided that the old-school, sit-across-from-your-adviser-under-fluorescent-lights model is so last century. Remember those days when your financial future was as constrained as your adviser's calendar? Yeah, we're over it. Enter HapNav, our shiny new app that's kicking those antiquated adviser-based models to the curb. Why limit yourself to the few crumbs of time your adviser can spare? HapNav is here to blow the roof off with scalability that turns dreams into reality. 🌍💼 Personalised financial planning that’s just a tap away, without having to dredge up every financial decision you’ve ever made from the depths of your memory? Yes, please! Check out our latest article and see how we’re making financial planning limitless. Because really, shouldn’t managing your money be as easy as streaming your favourite series? 📱💸


🚧 Navigating the Obstacle Course of Running Your Own Financial Firm

Facing hurdles in planning for your independent financial empire's future? Welcome to the club. The path to maintaining your firm’s freedom amid suffocating regulatory pressures and sky-high operational costs is littered with obstacles.


Pain Points:

  • High Regulatory Costs: Compliance costs are bleeding independent firms dry. Who knew paperwork could be so expensive?

  • Lack of Support: True independence in finance is like a unicorn—often talked about but rarely supported, making it a real headache to plan for the next generation.

  • Risky Funding Options: Traditional financing is as welcoming as a loan shark, leaving most firms stuck between a rock and a hard place.


  • Innovative Revenue Streams: Consider a financial planning side hustle—because who doesn’t need a backup plan when your main gig is under fire?

  • Empowerment through Ownership: Let your staff buy into the dream. It ensures your firm’s survival and keeps the talent motivated.

  • Strategic Autonomy: Keep your firm’s soul intact by beefing up its financial backbone.

Curious about turning a side hustle into your financial lifeline? Dive into our latest read on how it might just be your ticket to sustaining independence and dodging the corporate chains. Read more here. 📖🔗


CPD Masterclass: Thur 16 May 6:00 PM BST 📅 The Project Manager: A Financial Coaching Circus 🎪

Step right up to the 'Project Manager' session, where the Game Plan Practitioner transforms into a Financial Coach extraordinaire! 🎩 Watch as clients are sweet-talked into listing every conceivable obstacle, then brainstorm (because two heads are better than one, right?) to concoct actionable solutions. 🤔 It’s a client-driven extravaganza, ensuring they're fully invested in the circus of outcomes, breeding ownership and commitment. 🎟️ Each session is a gauntlet of hurdle-jumping until a clear path magically appears—think of it as a business project plan, but with clients playing team leader while the practitioner moonlights as their very own project manager. 📈 This spectacle promises to elevate clients from dreary daydreamers to powerhouse planners, capable of turning their whimsical ‘what-ifs’ into ‘what's next’. From envisioning to actualising their shiny future—it’s a transformative journey! 🚀


Join us via Zoom for this 2-hour escapade. Sign up now for live thrills or snag the replay on VOD if you’re a member. Get ready to lead your financial future like a ringmaster! Tickets £51.75. 🎥👏


🍷🚪 Curtain Call at the Academy! 🎬Hats off and glasses up, Town Hall warriors! You’ve just survived another round of the Academy’s infamous Friday Lunch Bunch. 🏆 Scatter freely, but oh—plot twist: there's homework. Because of course, there is. 📚 Check out the hyperlinks we’ve tossed around like a trail of digital breadcrumbs. 📎


Consider the gossip mill officially closed for the week. If you’re craving a blast from the past, browse through our legendary pranks or book your seat for the next session of chaos on May 17th, 2024, at 12 PM London time. 🎟️🕛 Expect a spectacle of snark and chuckles.


That’s it for today’s banter broadcast. Until next time, keep those waffles waving! 🧇


Cheerio,Steve ConleyThe Big Cheese, Academy of Life Planning 🧀





P.S. Well, buckle up, financial adventurers, and click on over to a riveting blog update from the Academy of Life Planning (AoLP), your self-proclaimed partner in the mystical art of transformational financial life planning. 🌟📚 Here, in this treasure trove of wisdom, they're not just doling out financial advice; they're transforming lives with the subtlety of a life coach armed with a spreadsheet. It's not just about money; it's about finding your inner financial peace in a world where peace usually comes with a price tag. So, dive deep into their latest post and find out how you too can turn your financial dreams into reality—or at least into a well-organized plan. Happy navigating! 🚀💼 Link to the enlightenment: Academy of Life Planning: Your Partner in Transformational Financial Life Planning


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