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The Weekly Waffle

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🧇 The Weekly Waffle - Fresh Gossip from the Academy's Town Hall - The Friday Lunch Bunch, 12th April 2024 📅

Hello there, Steve🌟

Pull up a chair for our weekly chinwag courtesy of the Friday Lunch Bunch at the Academy of Life Planning's utterly marvellous Town Hall. On today’s menu: 🍴


  • 🌞 Sunlife & Standard Life peddle panic with doomsday pension pitches, warning of cliff-edge retirements and poverty. 📉 They conveniently forget many retirees choose part-time gigs to ease into their golden years, mixing work with play. 🕒💼

  • 📊 Financial planning vs. financial advice? It's all a muddle, typically favouring industry bigwigs over the little guy. Brian Foster of The Financial Caddie® is calling for a clear divide, pushing for transparency and a fair deal in finance. ✂️👀

  • 📚 Discover how a whopping 86% of advisers claim regulation is bashing their mental health. Our advice? Ditch the red tape without quitting financial planning, and look after your own wellbeing, not just your clients'. 🧠💼

  • 🎯 St James’s Place, a titan in UK wealth management, is under fire for dishing out a hefty £920 million in iffy business loans. This heaps undue stress and debt on advisers. Fancy a way out? Drop SJP, dodge the debt (for now), and rejoin the financial planning fray. 🏦➡️💼

  • 🎩 Old-school financial advice? Not exactly a hit with the masses who need it most. We reckon there's a smarter way to help, especially the underserved. 🌍 To all Academy bods: give our article a read and weigh in. Got any bright ideas to genuinely support these folks? Let’s get our heads together and make waves! 💡🌊

  • 🤖 What on earth is AI? What's it good for, and honestly, why should you care? Plunge into McKinsey's deep dive to unpack AI’s vast potential and its moral maze. 🧠✨

  • 🎥 Tune in to our Partner Parade VOD for a nosy into the T&t Plan by Today & Tomorrow. Essential viewing if you fancy mastering your finances for now and the future. 🌟💼

  • 🖼️ DALL·E: Your digital Picasso. Describe whatever wild idea you've got, and watch it whip up a picture to match. Simple as that. 🎨✨

  • 📣 Heads up, members! Missed our live CPD Masterclass: "The Intangible Asset Manager"? No stress, catch it all on demand. 📺 Click the link for the full video and exclusive notes, free with your membership. Packed with insights, but remember, live is always more lively. 🎬✨

  • 🎉 Excited to reveal our latest read: "Re-envisioning Retirement: Retirement Plans Are Not Just Pension Plans!" Dive into this article that goes beyond the usual, exploring how to mix sustainable livelihoods with your pension planning. 🌱💼

  • 💸 Brits have been fleeced out of £2.6 billion in investment scams since 2020, with con artists nicking £13 million weekly. From snazzy fake sites to crafty social ads, these crooks are levelling up. 🕵️‍♂️ Stay sharp, protect your stash!

  • 💷 In today’s murky financial waters, distinguishing between advice and investments is getting trickier. The urgency for clear-cut honesty in financial advice couldn't be higher. FT Adviser highlights a whopping £612 million lost to UK investment fraud last year, we stress the need to split financial advice from investment products. 🔍🚫💼

  • 🗺️ The map to lifelong peak health? Crystal clear and mostly in our hands. But cracking that code means questioning the dusty old rules steering us and the powers-that-be. 🔓🚫

  • 📜 Father Louis Gunzelman’s Human Rules: #1. You get a body. Love it or loathe it, it’s yours for the whole show. 🎭

🍷🚪 That's all, folks! Cheers to today’s Town Hall attendees - another saga in the Academy's Friday Lunch Bunch epic. 🎬 You're free to go, but not without some homework (typical, right?) - follow the breadcrumb trail of hyperlinks we've left. 📎 That’s this week’s gossip session wrapped. Fancy a trip down memory lane? Peek at past pranks or snag a spot at our next natter session (April 19th, 2024, 12:00 PM London) for top-tier banter and laughs. 🎟️🕛 Curtain call on today's chatter! Until next time, keep those waffles flying. 🧇



Steve Conley

The Big Cheese, Academy of Life Planning




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