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The Weekly Waffle

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🧇 The Weekly Waffle - This Week's Highlights at the Academy Town Hall - Last Friday Lunch Bunch of 2023 - 29th December 2023 📅

Hello, Wafflers, 🌟

As we bid adieu to 2023, let's rewind and reflect on the insightful conversations from our latest Academy Town Hall. Here's a quick summary for those who missed it, and a little nudge to revisit for the attendees.

🎄 Yuletide Pathway: Embrace the Yuletide! It's time to shed the old and welcome the new. Have you metaphorically rolled out the old carpet yet? Our Yuletide Pathway is not just another tick on your festive list, but a gateway to your Game Plan. Explore more.

📲 Keylu Demo: Attention, January will be buzzing with our Partner Parade for Keylu. Time to get your (or your clients') affairs in apple-pie order for 2024. Stay tuned for the date!

🎥 Movavi's Return: Vimeo's relaunched Movavi, the darling of presenters, is here to spruce up your social media game. Make your posts stand out with a dash of AI magic.

🔍 Simplified Advice vs Financial Literacy: The ongoing saga - more products or more advice? Our take: the masses need wisdom, not just wares. Dive into our discussion on this.

💸 Finfluencers - Ally or Adversary?: Financial advisers are up in arms against 'finfluencers.' Is it a genuine concern or fear of being overshadowed? Read on to form your own opinion.

🌟 Simple Yet Profound Questions: Start your life plan by asking: Who am I? What's important to me? It's not rocket science, but it's life-changing. Find out more.

📊 The Cashflow Coach: Discover how retirees can benefit from the expertise of a cashflow coach.

🤝 Empowering BAME Communities: Can the Game Plan be a catalyst for BAME prosperity? We think so. Delve into our insights and the enlightening McKinsey report.

🌀 Hypnosis or Financial Plan?: Pay $249 for a hypnotic journey to financial wellness or invest £19/month to be your own financial planner. Seems like an easy choice, doesn't it?

📢 New 'Planning My Life' Flyer: It's hot off the press and ready for download. Grab your copy!

🚨 Adviser Debt Alert: Did you know the average adviser debt at SJP is a staggering £111k? How does this debt impact their advice? We've got the full story.

🔗 Intermediary vs Advisor: A tale of Aviva allowing direct pension contributions, bypassing the intermediary. A must-read for understanding the fine line between advice and intermediation.

🤔 Pastoral Care from Product Sellers?: Imagine seeking pastoral advice from someone more interested in their commission. We discuss the importance of conflict-free guidance.

📚 2024 Masterclass Series: 'The Game Plan Evolution' CPD Masterclass topics and dates are out for 2024. Reserve your spot!

🧠 Mindset Motivator Tony Fields: Mark your calendars for 25th January. Tony Fields returns with another Zoom session on gearing up your mindset for Leap Year 2024.

📅 2024 Town Hall Dates: Join our Friday Lunch Bunch Town Halls. Be a part of the weekly debates and the ongoing revolution. Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system. Next Meeting is Friday 5th January at 12:00 pm UK. Log In Link to Join Zoom Meeting.

💰 Budgeting Tools Galore: Check out Moneyhelper, Snoop, Moneyhub, Flipside, and more for budgeting brilliance.

📰 Fresh Off the Press:

“Embracing the Way Shower: A Path to Authentic Prosperity”

“Chris Budd’s ‘Four Cornerstones’: Insight or Missed Opportunity?”

“Redefining Retirement with 'Planning My Life'”

“Charting the Path to Prosperity: The Academy's Unique Approach”

And remember, you can lead a horse to water...

Catch up on our past discussions and gear up for a revolutionary 2024. We're just getting started!

Until next week,

Steve Conley

Founder, Academy of Life Planning


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👋 Farewell for now!

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