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The Weekly Waffle

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🧇 The Weekly Waffle - The Latest Scoop from the Academy's Town Hall - The Friday Lunch Bunch, March 22nd, 2024 📅


Dear Congregation of the Waffle-Weary 🌟


Pull up a pew for our customary chinwag courtesy of the Friday Lunch Bunch at the Academy of Life Planning's utterly fab Town Hall. Here's the dish of the day. 🍴


Top Nibbles from Today's Feast:


FCA’s Retirement Rumble: A seismic shift is underway for the baby boomer battalion, with the decumulation market at the heart of the storm. The FCA demands Cash Flow Models (CFMs) to ensure these boomers don’t outlive their stash. We’re talking back book reviews and a tech shunning by some advisories. Will this spell disaster in terms of redress reserves, piling atop existing financial albatrosses like ongoing adviser charges, consumer duty, and vulnerability? Time to deep dive. 🕵️‍♂️



Finfluencer Fiasco: Some self-proclaimed financial gurus, devoid of any spiritual compass, are taking jabs at holistic planning, dismissing Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence (EQ and SQ) as pseudoscience. They're calling for a ban on what they've dubbed "flaky neuro-nonsense." Our retort? Ready for your perusal. Plus, more on integrating SQ in wellness programmes. 🧘‍♂️


Sides to Savour:


Subconscious Desires & Natural Cycles: Uncover the secret cycle from dream to reality and how to hack your subconscious. 🧠


Solopreneur Solidarity: The lowdown on community's value in the financial solo journey. Discover why our tribe might just be your new wellness elixir. 👫


Financial Planning vs. Intermediation: There's a chasm of difference. Equip yourself with the skills for tomorrow, today. 🚀


Marital Money Matters: The silver medalist in the divorce Olympics, right behind infidelity. Our solution? Money Habitudes. Plus, snag a free assessment on us! 💔🔨


Quantifying Social Impact: Building a business plan with soul? Our Ikigai Framework and Logic Model Template will illuminate your SROI. ✨


Money Dysmorphia: Feeling inadequate in a world obsessed with financial comparison? Dive into the discourse. 🏊‍♀️


The 60+ Job Hunt: Battling ageism and existential dread in the job market? Let’s chat sustainable livelihoods. Perhaps Airbnb is your golden ticket. 🏡


IHT Threshold Freeze: With IHT receipts projected to hit almost £10bn by the 2028/29 tax year, it’s time to strategise with PET rules and lifetime gifts. Don’t let your clients outlive their wealth. 💸


This week, amidst the vaunted halls of a Dimensional Workshop on Communication, a drama unfolded before an audience of 100 of the UK’s elite advisers. 🇬🇧 An intrepid member of the Academy dared to ask if the notion of “the purpose of the money” 💰 ever peppers their client consultations. The response? A collective gasp of horror from the facilitator and a whopping 98% of the crowd, their reply steeped in disdain: “None of our business,” they scoffed. It appears the conversation steadfastly orbits the almighty pound, shunning the muddier waters of lifestyle queries that might dare to probe deeper. 🚫🤷


Gone are the days when life planners and Dimensional aficionados were as cosy as a tea party in a Jane Austen novel; today’s discussions boast a gaping chasm where once sprouted questions of life’s rich tapestry. One is left to wonder, how on earth can a plan claim any notion of purpose if the money at its heart is as vacuous as a politician’s tweet? 🤔 The once-cherished principle of prioritising the client before their coffers, treating the person as the client and not their portfolio, seems as forgotten as last week’s news. 📉 Perhaps the purpose coaches were simply too shy to make a peep, reminiscent of participants in the “Perceptions Matter” study, armed with the Schwartz values assessment tool from the Common Cause Foundation, finding themselves in an existential quagmire, only to realise nobody’s really asking the meaningful questions anymore. 📚


 🍷🚪 🔚 Toodle-oo and a Barrel of Thanks: And Thus Concludes Our Saga 🎬


A massive shoutout to all the souls who graced today’s Town Hall. That’s another chapter in the legendary tales of the Academy’s Friday Lunch Bunch.


And with that, consider it your signal to scarper, clutching your digital breadcrumb trail of hyperlinks – because, honestly, what's a good yarn without a spot of homework to keep you up at night? 📚✨ Don't fret, though; we wouldn't leave you to navigate the wilderness alone. Arm yourself with our treasure trove, the Academy toolkit, nestled within our "Planning My Life" Google Sheet. Consider it your map to the metaphorical gold. Here's your ticket to enlightenment – don't say we never give you anything.


That ties up this week’s gossip gala, my fellow jesters! For a trip down memory lane or to snag an invite to our next gathering (April 5th, 2024, 12:00 PM London) for unparalleled banter and guffaws, keep your eyes peeled. And thus, we shutter our latest rendezvous of rib-ticklers and ruminations. Until we cross paths again, let those waffles fly high 🧇.



Steve Conley

The Grand Poobah, Academy of Life Planning




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