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Game Plan Evolution: CPD Masterclass Series

Embark on a transformative journey with the 'Game Plan Evolution: CPD Masterclass Series', a dynamic workshop designed for accredited Game Plan Practitioners eager to revolutionise their approach. This series offers a comprehensive toolkit, profound insights, and an adaptive mindset essential for thriving in the dynamic landscape of financial planning.


Programme Highlights

  • Flexible Rolling Schedule: Engage with the programme at your pace, selecting sessions that align with your developmental needs.
  • Pay-Per-Session Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom of no long-term commitments; simply pay for the sessions you choose to attend.
  • Weekly Timings: Conveniently scheduled sessions to fit into your professional calendar.


Session Overview

  • Goals: Values and Talents Explore your intrinsic values and talents and understand how they integrate with non-intermediating financial planning principles. This session provides clarity on your unique strengths and their role in client success.

  • Goals: Purpose Statement Building on previous insights, craft a compelling purpose statement that reflects both your professional goals and personal passions. This session aids in visualising your ideal future and laying down a practical roadmap to achieve it.

  • Actions Focus on creating actionable strategies to tackle challenges in transitioning to non-intermediating financial planning. Learn practical steps to implement your plans effectively and reach your goals.

  • Means: Cashflow. Dive into asset audits and lifetime cash flow analysis to discover optimal asset strategies in line with client goals. This session is pivotal in forming robust, long-term financial plans.

  • Means: Proposition Development. Expand on the previous session’s foundation with the Ikigai PDF and develop an all-encompassing business plan. Gain insights into wealth creation and legacy asset strategies for successful succession planning.

  • Execution The final session concentrates on the practical aspects of plan implementation and coaching. Gain essential knowledge in go-to-market strategies to enhance your capabilities in attracting and serving clients as a non-intermediating financial planning adviser.


Join the 'Game Plan Evolution: CPD Masterclass Series' today and redefine your approach to financial planning, setting a new standard of excellence in your professional journey.

The CPD Masterclass Per 2-hour Group Session

£115.00 Regular Price
£51.75Sale Price
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