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Course Schedule For 2024

Delve into 2024 with our comprehensive Game Plan course schedule, meticulously curated to infuse your practice with in-depth knowledge and innovative strategies. Each session, expertly presented by Steve Conley, offers targeted insights into the practical implementation of the Game Plan. Secure your place now to benefit from today's pricing. For added value, we offer the option to purchase tickets in convenient blocks of four, allowing you to tailor your learning journey throughout the year.


Thur 11 Jan 6:00 PM

The Liability Forecaster

In this pivotal session, we delve into the nuanced challenge of clients' resistance to discussing their personal lives during financial planning. This session equips planners with effective techniques to navigate and overcome objections, fostering a comfortable environment for clients to share essential family matters. We emphasise the crucial need for understanding the specifics of where the money needs to be, with whom, when, and the associated risks. This understanding allows for the creation of a detailed lifetime liability forecast, an essential step before developing asset strategies. The session focuses on tactful approaches to shifting the conversation from a sole focus on money to a more holistic view of the client’s financial and personal goals, thereby overcoming the common 'I want to stick to talking about money' objection. Attendees will leave equipped with strategies not only to engage clients more deeply but also to enhance the effectiveness of their financial planning

Wed 17 Jan 3:00 PM

The Purpose Coach

In this insightful session, we delve into the often-overlooked realm of values and talents assessment in life planning. Understanding a client's values – what truly matters to them – infuses wisdom into the planning process, ensuring that their financial strategy aligns with their core beliefs and aspirations. Additionally, recognising a client's talents – their unique gifts and strengths – brings a sense of purpose and direction. This alignment is crucial across various faiths and traditions, where our life's purpose is often seen as using our gifts in the service of others. Such clarity not only instills willpower and confidence in the plan but also ensures that we are guiding our clients along a path that resonates with their deepest intentions. The 'Purpose Coach' session empowers planners with the skills to integrate these crucial elements into their practice, thus crafting plans that are not just financially sound but also deeply fulfilling and purpose-driven for their clients


Tue 20 Feb 2:00 PM

The Proposition Architect

This session focuses on the art of crafting a bespoke economic strategy for clients, tailored to their unique values, strengths, and insights. As Proposition Architects, we delve into the intricacies of customer understanding, practical considerations, impacts, market drivers, and the dynamic financial landscape. We employ comprehensive frameworks that not only address purpose, people, and planet but also ensure profitability. The goal is to optimise our clients' economic endeavors, creating optimal cash flows while minimising risks. Furthermore, in scenarios where clients do not require additional assets, we guide them in allocating benefits to stakeholders in need, aligning with their philanthropic preferences. This approach ensures that their financial activities not only meet personal objectives but also contribute positively to the broader community, embodying a holistic and responsible financial strategy.

Thur 14 Mar 6:00 PM

The Vision Maker

The 'Vision Maker' session addresses the paramount challenge for any Game Plan Practitioner: crafting the client's Purpose Statement. This vision serves as the client's greatest asset, a powerful driving force propelling them towards their most desired future. It's essential that this vision is not just a goal, but an inspiration. Echoing Tony Robbins' sentiment that people's lack of motivation often stems from uninspiring goals, this session is dedicated to avoiding this pitfall. It's about fine-tuning the art of eliciting and articulating a vision that truly resonates with the client. Through a process of trial and error, practitioners learn to refine and perfect their approach, aiming to capture and illuminate the client's favourite future in a way that genuinely ignites their inner passion and drive.


Mon 8 Apr 3:00 PM

The Intangible Asset Manager

This session, 'The Intangible Asset Manager,' delves into the often-overlooked realm of intangible assets that are intrinsic to our clients' wealth and well-being. We emphasise that some of the most valuable assets are indeed intangible: character, reputation, community connections, skills, location, and know-how. Reflecting on the tech industry, where companies frequently boast a market to book ratio as high as 50, we explore why individuals should be perceived any differently. These intangible assets, which we all possess, are pivotal in generating future economic benefits. The session explores productive, vitality, and transformational assets, discussing how to leverage these entrepreneurial opportunities to create sustainable livelihoods. We delve into the concept of 'asset alchemy,' transforming these intangibles into tangible cash flows, thereby enabling our clients to live longer and better lives. The focus is on recognising and maximising the value of these assets in a way that aligns with and enhances our clients' overall financial strategy

Thur 16 May 6:00 PM

The Project Manager

In the 'Project Manager' session, the Game Plan Practitioner transitions into the role of a Financial Coach, guiding clients through a strategic process of identifying and overcoming obstacles. This collaborative effort involves asking clients to list potential hurdles and brainstorm actionable solutions. Emphasising client-led responses ensures they are fully invested in the outcomes, creating a sense of ownership and commitment. The session is dedicated to working through each obstacle until a clear path forward is established. The end result is a comprehensive action plan, akin to a business project plan, where the client plays the role of the team leader and the practitioner acts as the project manager. This approach effectively shifts the client's mindset from a state of low hope to high hope, significantly enhancing their confidence and capability to achieve their set goals. It’s a transformative journey from envisioning to actualising their favourite future


Tue 11 Jun 3:00 PM

The Financial Ecologist

In the 'Financial Ecologist' session, practitioners embark on a comprehensive exploration of the client's entire financial ecosystem, guided by the 4P framework: Purpose, People, Planet, and Profit. This intricate process involves understanding and adeptly managing both inflows and outflows, along with the strategic movement of tangible assets across various stages. We conceptualise this as moving from the 'bucket' of daily banking to the 'well' of liquid asset investing, then to the 'deep freezer' of illiquid asset management. Crucially, it also includes the 'defrosting' process, where illiquid assets transform back into liquid ones, ready to support the client's lifestyle and financial needs. This session likens financial management to a sophisticated water management ecosystem, where each flow and reservoir is carefully balanced and maintained. Additionally, we adopt a green approach to financial ecosystem management, taking into account the social and environmental impacts of financial decisions. By the end of this session, practitioners are equipped with the skills to create and manage a sustainable, ecologically sound financial plan that harmonises with the client's life goals and values.

Tues 9 Jul 6:00 PM

The Cashflow Coach

The 'Cashflow Coach' session offers a distinct approach to financial planning, where the client, rather than their money, is treated as the primary customer. While approximately half of financial planners provide cashflow planning, often their focus is on intermediation with investment providers. In contrast, Game Plan Practitioners orient their services towards guiding clients to their desired future. This involves not just saving investable assets but also creatively generating new investable assets from intangible resources. Central to this process is aligning these assets with lifetime liability forecasts and exploring various potential future scenarios. The objective is to identify a path that most resonates with the client, crafting what we term the 'Game Plan.' This comprehensive life, financial, and business plan is tailored to each client, ensuring a holistic approach that encompasses their financial aspirations, lifestyle goals, and personal values.


Wed 14 Aug 2:00 PM

The Longer Life Practitioner

In the 'Longer Life Practitioner' session, the Game Plan Coach focuses on strategies to help clients not only live longer but also enjoy a better quality of life. This involves a deep dive into investing in 'vitality assets' and understanding how our choices in mind, body, heart, and spirit significantly impact our overall well-being. We explore the intricate exchange between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assets and financial resources across a lifetime. This session highlights the often irreversible nature of these transactions and emphasises the importance of mindfulness in recognising that money is a means to an end throughout life's journey. We advocate for a more balanced approach to money and life, especially in later years. Drawing inspiration from Sir Muir Gray’s 'Living Longer Better' programme, we discuss the benefits of continued economic activity in later life, contrasting it with the traditional 'cliff edge' early retirement models. The session is designed to equip Game Plan Coaches with the tools to guide their clients towards a holistic, fulfilling life that embraces longevity with financial prudence and personal well-being.

Thur 26 Sep 6:00 PM

The Impact Coach

The 'Impact Coach' session is an immersive exploration into the new psychology of human well-being and the stages of psychological development. This session provides Game Plan Practitioners with a deeper understanding of how clients' needs evolve over time. In the early years, the focus is predominantly on foundational needs like safety, physiological well-being, relationships, and esteem. As clients progress into the latter stages of their lives, their aspirations often shift towards self-actualisation and self-transcendence. This later-life desire to leave the world better for having lived – a profound soul yearning – typically emerges in what can be termed the afternoon to evening of life. Practitioners are thus equipped with insights to adapt their planning processes to these evolving needs. The session aims to align the Game Plan to fulfill not only the client's purpose but also to achieve a positive social impact and environmental sustainability, all while ensuring sufficient cash flows to support their lifestyle without outliving their capital. It’s about weaving a narrative where financial planning transcends mere numbers, embodying a journey towards holistic well-being and legacy


Mon 7 Oct 3:00 PM

The Contingency Planner

In the 'Contingency Planner' session, Game Plan practitioners delve into the crucial task of modelling various 'what-if' scenarios for clients. This involves a rigorous examination of potential future circumstances and how they align with, or deviate from, the client's life and financial objectives. We explore the implications of different longevity and health life expectancy assumptions on the client’s overall plan. The session equips practitioners with tools to simulate both positive and challenging personal and financial conditions, ranging from best-case to worst-case business scenarios. This comprehensive approach enables clients to be thoroughly prepared for a multitude of eventualities, ensuring resilience and adaptability. Additionally, we focus on the importance of regular tracking and progress review sessions. These are pivotal in keeping clients on course to achieve their evolving life goals, regardless of the unexpected twists and turns life may present. The 'Contingency Planner' is about creating a game plan that is as dynamic and flexible as life itself, ensuring clients are equipped to navigate their journey with confidence and foresight.

Tues 19 Nov 6:00 PM

The Marketeer

In the 'Marketeer' session, the focus shifts to equipping Game Plan Coaches with the skills to develop and implement effective go-to-market strategies for their clients. This session is designed to empower clients to present themselves and their projects to the world in a way that maximises the impact of their Game Plan. We delve into key marketing strategies such as developing a value ladder, managing product life cycles, and optimising sales funnel management. The goal is to assist clients in successfully launching their Ikigai projects – endeavours that not only align with what they are good at and passionate about but also address what the world needs and, importantly, are financially rewarding. This session is about providing the tools and knowledge to help clients navigate the complexities of market dynamics, ensuring their offerings resonate with the right audience and yield sustainable success. Through this, Game Plan Coaches can guide their clients in turning their aspirations into tangible, lucrative realities.


Wed 11 Dec 2:00 PM

The Holistic Financial Planner

The 'Holistic Financial Planner' session is centered on guiding Game Plan Practitioners in fostering wealth across all dimensions of their clients' lives, encapsulating the Kokoro concept that harmonises mind, body, heart, and spirit with financial well-being. This session introduces members to the natural cycle of creation and manifestation, drawing on the four seasons principle rooted in Shinto philosophy. We emphasise the importance of not focusing on all life aspects simultaneously but rather adopting a seasonal approach. This means sometimes directing attention inwardly towards self, and other times outwardly towards others. The approach alternates between practicality and nurturing the spirit, akin to the cyclical nature of seasons. The session teaches the importance of understanding and respecting natural laws of rhythm and opposites, adjusting our plans to these rhythms. This way, we enable clients to effectively manifest their goals without overwhelming them, ensuring that the focus shifts appropriately through different stages of their life journey, much like the changing seasons.

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