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Expert Resources and Support for Aspiring Financial Planners

Charting Your Prospective Financial Planning Journey:

STEP 1: Book a Discovery Call with Steve Conley on Zoom. Discover the best route to launch your business.

STEP 2: Consider Fast-Track. Decide how quickly you want to set up your generic financial planning advice firm. Is it 12 weeks or 12 months? If you want it in 12 weeks, consider Fast Track (includes Membership and Mentorship. You can upgrade to Fast Track later if unsure).

STEP 3: Consider Cloned Tech Stack. Decide if you want the white-label e-commerce site built and managed for you (you can take it over later) or if you want to do that yourself. If you want it built, order the e-commerce tech stack. We will have it ready for you in 12 weeks.

STEP 4: Consider the Elite Planner Accelerator Programme. If you're aiming to secure your first client within 12 weeks, our programme is designed to expedite your accreditation process and provide you with a personalised tech stack, ensuring your business is primed for launch. The cost of joining the programme is strategically set to be lower than the fee you would charge your first client couple, making it a financially sound investment.


Discovery Meeting

One-hour Zoom Meeting.


Fast Track

Launch in 12 weeks.


Tech Stack

White-label e-Commerce site.



Group accreditation.

Take the test!

Could you make it as a Financial Planner without being a Financial Adviser? Uncover your innate capabilities through our complimentary 4-minute questionnaire. You'll immediately receive a personalised report tailored to your unique profile directly in your inbox.

Game Plan ASP 070124.png

Monthly Mentorship & Membership: The GAME Plan for Accredited Growth and Continuous Support

Embark on a transformative journey with our robust support network, meticulously crafted to elevate your financial planning business to unparalleled success. Mentorship sessions are usually held 4-weekly via Zoom meeting with Steve Conley. At these sessions, you learn the GAME plan and develop your practice. Our annual membership is a bespoke offering for financial planners, packed with an extensive array of benefits:

Key Advantages: Your Foundation for Financial Well-Being
  • Strategic GAME Plan Guidance: Receive invaluable insights on how to operate a thriving financial planning business.

  • Personalised Support: Benefit from one-on-one Zoom consultations with Steve Conley for tailored business strategies.

  • Weekly Town Halls: Keep your finger on the pulse of industry shifts through our weekly communal discussions.

  • Resource Library: Unlock unlimited access to a treasure trove of financial planning materials.

  • Email Support: Directly connect with Steve Conley for prompt and additional guidance.

  • Peer Mentorship: Engage in a structured mentorship scheme to glean wisdom from seasoned industry professionals.

  • Exclusive Savings: Enjoy a 50% discount on extra one-hour mentorship sessions with Steve Conley. Further discounts are available from various partner deals with third-party service providers.

Additional Perks: Enhancing Your Financial Planning Experience
  • HapNav License: Leverage our cutting-edge lifetime cash flow planning app for a year.

  • MoneyFitt License: Explore our comprehensive private finance content library for a full year.

The Advantages of Membership: Why You Should Join Us
  • Stay Ahead: Remain updated on legislative changes, technological advancements, and market dynamics.

  • Enhance Competence: Sharpen your skills in marketing, planning, and coaching.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Uphold industry standards through self-regulation, even without an accredited body.

  • Client Trust: Showcase your dedication to continual professional growth, thereby fortifying client trust.

Comprehensive Support Areas: Guiding Your Financial Journey
  • Technical knowledge application

  • Skill and expertise enhancement

  • Regulatory and legislative updates

  • Bridging learning gaps

Systematic Learning Pathways: Building Your Financial Acumen
  • One-to-one mentorship

  • Diverse courses, seminars, and webinars

  • Comprehensive record-keeping for continuous professional development (CPD)


By becoming a member, you're not just investing in your professional growth; you're laying the foundation for the enduring success of your practice.

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Understanding Accreditation: Your Path to Recognition

Martyn Green

"The Academy is actively helping financial planners and consumers to become not only financially abundant, but abundant in all areas of their lives."

Gary Arthurs

"The Academy provides great support to those progressive minded financial advisers who look to put the needs and desires of their Clients at the heart of their service offering." 

George Agan

"The Academy's coaching and GAME Plan process has been extremely helpful in clarifying my goals as a Financial Planner."

"When I first encountered Steve Conley and his comprehensive web content, I decided to schedule a one-on-one meeting with him to better understand how his model could enhance my business. I sought a system that would cultivate a recurring revenue stream and sustainable fees, serving both my existing clients and newcomers, without compromising ethics, facilitating regulated products, and aligning with FCA regulations.


Steve Conley's innovative approach to non-regulated financial planning served as the foundation for the creation of Kenwell, a comprehensive financial planning service that caters to both regulated and non-regulated solution-seekers.


The future of financial planning is here, and in my view, it aligns with the forthcoming directions of the FCA. Steve's business model, collateral, and unwavering integrity offer a viable alternative for regulated IFAs seeking an exit strategy from the regulated space. This transition not only secures financial stability but also retains their client base and skill set.


His model and the tools and collateral it includes equip IFAs with the means to augment their earnings and broaden the choices and options available to existing clients. This new model alleviates the burdens of costs and regulated administrative tasks, bureaucratic hurdles, and associated liabilities."

John Kenny-Levick, Kenwell FLP, May 2023.

Included Features: Your Comprehensive Package Breakdown

  • The GAME Plan: Acquire game-changing insights and tactics to excel in the competitive landscape of generic financial planning.

  • Bespoke Mentorship: Obtain tailored, one-on-one counsel to carve out your unique brand and operational system, distinguishing you from the competition.

  • Compliance-Ready Planning Process: Deploy a tried-and-true, compliant approach to generic financial planning, thereby reducing risk and fortifying client trust.

  • License-Free Business Blueprint: Gain immediate access to a pre-structured, license-free blueprint for a thriving generic financial planning enterprise, eliminating legal complexities and saving you time.

  • Industry Updates: Keep a competitive edge with frequent briefings on relevant industry developments and regulatory shifts, ensuring you're consistently well-informed.

  • Document Support: Receive hands-on aid in crafting and updating crucial business documents, simplifying your administrative workload.

  • Dedicated Issue Resolution: Take advantage of specialised support for navigating intricate daily challenges, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

  • Staff Development Programmes: Commit to all-encompassing training schemes for both you and your team, cultivating an ethos of perpetual growth.

  • Turnkey E-Commerce Solution: Utilise a white-label, plug-and-play e-commerce platform with a back-office system to expedite your digital market entry.

  • Transition Expertise: Become proficient in transitioning to a generic financial planning adviser model under the tutelage of our experienced specialists.


By leveraging these comprehensive support services, our objective is to elevate your practice, enhance your standing in the industry, and lay a solid foundation for your enduring success in the realm of generic financial planning advice.

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Accelerate Your Journey - Schedule Your One-Hour Consultation Now

Transform Your Career: Become a Top Financial Planning Adviser in Just 12 Weeks


The Academy Mentorship Programme is the ultimate solution for mid-career financial service professionals like you who aspire to become successful, generic financial planning advisers without selling products. Our three-month Fast Track programme empowers you to set up your new firm in just twelve weeks, providing immediate access to exclusive license-free resources, mentorship, and a vibrant learning community.


Save Time and Money: Get started right away with our comprehensive suite of resources, including Management Consultancy, The G.A.M.E. Plan, HapNav Cash Flow Tool, MoneyFitt Financial Education Library, templates, and curated content. These tools will help you build your own Generic Financial Planning business without the need for costly licenses.


Vibrant Learning Community Network: Connect with like-minded professionals in our members-only community. Share your experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to find solutions as you navigate the financial planning landscape.


Monthly 1-to-1 Mentorship: Receive personalised guidance from top financial planning advisers during monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. Our mentors will help you unlock your full potential and navigate the industry's complexities.


Three-Month Fast Track: Our intensive Fast Track programme is designed to help you set up your new firm in just twelve weeks, providing you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to hit the ground running.


Weekly Town Halls & Guest Speaker Webinars: Stay informed and engaged with regular town halls and webinars featuring industry experts. Gain valuable insights and learn from the experiences of successful financial advisers.


Day-to-Day Support and Much More: Benefit from our ongoing support to ensure you stay on track and succeed in your new venture. We're here to help you every step of the way, with additional resources and guidance at your fingertips.


Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fast-track your career, impact your client's lives, and write your own success story. Join the Academy Mentorship Programme today and take the first step toward achieving your dreams.

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