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🎓 How to Use MoneyFitt: A Guide for the Perplexed 📚

Ah, dear Academy members, gather 'round as we embark on the most exhilarating journey of all – navigating the labyrinthine corridors of financial literacy with our trusty guide, MoneyFitt. Who needs Netflix when you have the riveting content of financial education at your fingertips?

Step 1: Embrace Your Ignorance

You're in your 60s, newly divorced, and suddenly responsible for your finances? Congratulations on discovering adulthood! Our first card is tailor-made for you. Download it, savour every word, and realize that learning about money is not just for the young and sprightly.

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🤔 Q: Hey Steve, quick question! How do you handle people who download your spreadsheet and then cancel their subscription? I mean, what’s stopping them from just taking all your hard work for a one-time fee? 💸

😂 A: Ah, the age-old question of how to protect your precious spreadsheets from the sneaky spreadsheet thieves! Let’s break it down, shall we?

  1. Mission and Trust: I’m on a mission to make financial planning accessible and transparent. 🌍 So yes, I trust people. Crazy, right? If someone abuses that trust, they’ve got karma to deal with. Good luck with that! 🍀

  2. Ongoing Value: Here’s the kicker – the real value isn’t just in the initial Google sheet. It’s in the constant updates, new videos, live events, and my sparkling personality. ✨ You cancel, you miss out. Simple as that.

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Hey Financial Planners! 👋

Tired of the old, broken model where clients just hand over their assets and hope for the best? 😒 It's time for a change. The future of financial planning is all about empowering clients to take control of their own finances. 🧠💪

Enter HapNav - The Happiness Navigator! 🎉 This revolutionary tool gives your clients the power to be their own wealth managers. No more blindly trusting the so-called "experts" to dip into their hard-earned money for fees. 🙄

With HapNav, your clients will:

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🔍 Struggling to meet those pesky regulatory standards on vulnerability? 😒 We know, it's a headache! But guess what? We've got a ridiculously low-cost fix that'll make you look like a hero 🦸‍♂️ to your vulnerable clients! 🎉

Introducing the Academy of Life Planning's suite of magical tools: HapNav 🧭, MoneyFitt 💸, and Flipside 🔄. These babies are packed with everything you need to boost financial literacy 📚 and help your clients actually understand their finances! 💡

No more scrambling to meet the CMA/FCA’s demands. Just click, sign up, and voilà! Instant compliance 👌.

Read our latest blog to see how easy it is to step up your game. Don’t miss out on being the planner who actually has their stuff together! 🙌

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🚨 Attention, all you financial planning aficionados! 🚨

Do you find yourself lost in the wilderness of cash flow models? Is your wallet being held hostage by high-end financial planners? 😩 Well, have we got news for you!

Join us on 18th July at 4:00 AM London Time (yes, you read that right – it's an early bird special 🐦) for a Zoom meeting that might just change your financial planning life. Or at least make it a bit more bearable. 📊

Introducing My Finance Future – the mid-priced hero we've all been waiting for. Not as pricey as those high-end planners like Voyant, Timeline, Truth, Cash Calc, but definitely more sophisticated than HapNav. Perfect for those "in the middle" complexity clients who just want a straightforward way to keep track of their finances. 💸💡

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Hey Academy Members! 👋😏

Think the FCA regulations don’t apply to you anymore? Well, think again! 😬 The CMA (yes, those folks) are on it, working hand-in-hand with the FCA to make sure we’re all treating vulnerable customers right. 🧐

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of compliance (I know, try to contain your excitement) and discover why you need to be paying attention to the CMA’s latest guidelines. 📚💼

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This post is from a suggested group

🤑💼 From Deficit to Surplus: How Holistic Financial Planning Transformed Tom’s Estate 💼🤑

Guess what, folks? 📣 Tom's gone from a financial trainwreck 🚂💥 to riding the gravy train 🚂💰 all thanks to a little thing called holistic financial planning. 🙄

Who knew that focusing on your human capital (aka finding work you don’t hate) could actually make you rich? 🤑🤯 Not just rich, but leave-a-substantial-estate rich. 💸💸

Join us as we break down how Tom went from staring into the abyss of debt 🕳️ to sitting pretty with a hefty surplus 🏖️✨. It’s a rollercoaster of a read, folks. 🎢🤡

This post is from a suggested group

Hey Academy members! 🤔 Ever wonder why we don’t hear from those who need us most? Turns out, only 63% of people eligible for pension credit actually claim it, leaving a whopping 880,000 folks in the lurch. 😱 Our latest blog post dives into this issue and explores how we can bridge the gap. Check it out and let's start those essential conversations! 🗣️💬

Read more here: [Link to Article]

And don’t forget to sign up for our blog to stay in the loop! 📬 #FinancialPlanning #Underserved #PensionCredit #AcademyOfLifePlanning

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