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Home of Non-intermediating Financial Planning 

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We serve as a pivotal support hub, offering comprehensive resources for start-up assistance, ongoing operational support, essential tools, advantageous deals, educational materials, professional training, a community-driven forum, accreditation services, and expert mentorship.

Welcome to the Academy of Life Planning. Our Vision for the Future: We stand apart from conventional financial planning services. At the heart of our mission is the drive to revolutionise the sector. Our ambition is a world where consumers confidently steer their financial journey. Within our framework, financial planners act as guiding lights, not middlemen, and we're deeply committed to realising this transformative vision. Empowering You: Our methodology is pioneering. We entrust you with complete control and ownership of your assets and data. While this may seem unorthodox to some, we view it as a critical stride towards true financial emancipation. Holistic Offerings: Our suite of services is meticulously crafted to ensure you flourish in this reshaped financial environment. From bespoke coaching to a wealth of educational materials, we're your trusted partner, offering the expertise and sustained assistance you need. Educate, Not Sell: We don't peddle financial products. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge to make informed choices in the market, restoring the decision-making power to its rightful place—with you. Guidance Towards Neutral Resources: Should the need arise, we can guide you towards publicly available independent surveys, presenting product and service providers in a neutral light. It's imperative to note that we are not affiliated with or representatives of any specific providers, nor do we receive remuneration for introductions. Our stance is resolute: to ensure market integrity, a clear distinction must be maintained between advice and product. Recognising the Transition's Complexity: We understand that the journey from an intermediating to a non-intermediating financial planner can feel overwhelming. That's why we stand by your side, offering unwavering support throughout this pivotal transition. Enhancing Skillsets: Our tailored training programmes assist product providers in evolving into generic financial planning advisers. This transformation equips them to deliver a broader, more personalised suite of services. Guidance Throughout Your Journey: As you embrace this innovative model, we're with you at every juncture. Leveraging our resources, training, and insights, we ensure your transition is smooth and successful. Our Fundamental Principles: Empowerment Integrity Innovation Community Personal Growth Decentralisation Are You Ready to Be Part of a Future-Defining Community? Join our movement today. Together, let's redefine potential, enrich lives, and democratise financial planning for everyone.

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Launch your business at your convenience with personalised one-to-one support. Benefit from low start-up costs and a fast-track process that can have you operational in just three months.


Our method artfully melds life planning, financial strategy, and accountancy. This synergy presents a sturdy blueprint for securing not only fiscal stability but also emotional, intellectual, and spiritual enrichment. It's an all-encompassing approach tailored for individuals aspiring for a balanced life, anchored by robust financial foundations and life objectives resonating with their intrinsic values.


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Recognising the distinct aspirations of financial planners, we're dedicated to guiding your transition towards a client-driven approach. Shift from traditional product-focused strategies to a more sustainable plan-based revenue model. Together, let's set a new benchmark in financial planning. Start by subscribing to our newsletter and receive our complimentary starter pack.

Martin Turbin

"A true trailblazer in non-intermediated financial advice, with a genuine passion to support financial advisers on their transition journey."

Jörg Schlüter

"I completed a course on the Game Plan, and it has been immensely helpful in building my financial coaching business, with concise and well-thought-out coaching and valuable support for idea exploration."

Richard Johnston

"These expert planners possess extensive experience, knowledge, and unwavering integrity, making them an ideal choice for planners seeking growth and development."
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