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Empower Yourself with Transparent, Integrity-Driven Financial Planning.

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Membership & Mentorship
for Non-intermediating Financial Planners

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Take Control of Your Financial Future Today! Join a Community Committed to Your Success.

  • Empower yourself with our transparent, integrity-driven approach.

  • Benefit from personalised support and a collaborative community.

  • Achieve financial, physical, social, environmental, and spiritual well-being.

  • Mentor-mentee relationships, subject to availability.

Welcome to the Academy of Life Planning: Leading the Financial Revolution Empowering Your Financial Future We're revolutionising financial planning by putting you in control. Our planners are guides, not intermediaries, dedicated to empowering you to take charge of your finances. Full Control and Independence Our innovative approach gives you full control over your finances and personal data, paving the way to true financial independence. Comprehensive Support Benefit from customised coaching and extensive learning materials designed to help you thrive in the new era of finance. Education Over Sales We don't sell financial products. Our mission is to educate and empower you to make informed financial decisions. Unbiased and Honest Advice Receive impartial advice that directs you to independent resources, ensuring integrity and transparency in every step. Simplifying Your Transition Transitioning to a non-intermediary financial model can be daunting, but we're here to guide you every step of the way. Skill Enhancement Our training programmes transform traditional product sellers into well-rounded financial advisers, enhancing the variety and personalisation of their services. Join Our Visionary Community Become part of a community dedicated to transforming lives through accessible, innovative financial planning. Together, we can make a difference. Our Core Values: Empowerment Integrity Innovation Community Personal Development Decentralisation

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Martin Turbin

(Chartered Financial Planner)

"A true trailblazer in non-intermediated financial advice, with a genuine passion to support financial advisers on their transition journey."

Jörg Schlüter

(Chartered Wealth Manager)

"I completed a course on the Game Plan, and it has been immensely helpful in building my financial coaching business, with concise and well-thought-out coaching and valuable support for idea exploration."

Richard Johnston

(Chartered Financial Planner)

"These expert planners possess extensive experience, knowledge, and unwavering integrity, making them an ideal choice for planners seeking growth and development."
Features & Benefits
Launch your business at your convenience with personalised one-to-one support. Benefit from low start-up costs and a fast-track process that can have you operational in just three months.


Our method artfully melds life planning, financial strategy, and accountancy. This synergy presents a sturdy blueprint for securing not only fiscal stability but also emotional, intellectual, and spiritual enrichment. It's an all-encompassing approach tailored for individuals aspiring for a balanced life, anchored by robust financial foundations and life objectives resonating with their intrinsic values.


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Kick-Start Your Financial Freedom: Download Your Free Starter Pack Now!

Recognising the distinct aspirations of financial planners, we're dedicated to guiding your transition towards a client-driven approach. Shift from traditional product-focused strategies to a more sustainable plan-based revenue model.


Together, let's set a new benchmark in financial planning. Start by subscribing to our newsletter and receive our complimentary starter pack, which includes:

  1. Comprehensive Financial Planning Guide: Gain access to an in-depth guide that helps you transition from product-focused strategies to a client-centric, plan-based approach.

  2. Exclusive Tools and Resources: Utilise specialized tools and resources designed to streamline your financial planning process and enhance your client interactions.

  3. Step-by-Step Coaching: Receive step-by-step coaching tips to effectively implement sustainable financial strategies and grow your practice.

  4. Ongoing Support and Updates: Stay informed with regular updates and continuous support to ensure your success in the evolving landscape of financial planning.

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By affiliating with the Consumer Duty Alliance, the Academy of Life Planning reinforces its commitment to providing education that not only meets regulatory requirements and professional standards but also genuinely enriches the lives and futures of those we serve. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for excellence and trust in the financial planning and advice sector.

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